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I think she will be a no-nonsense doctor that will try to find a reason for my problems. I have always questioned my gp, he acted like there was really no fibro ( as a disease) but it was it way out of trying to find out what was wrong. The only thing he said he could do was put me on a anti-despressent to try to make me sleep more soundly. I did not want to do that so I just started taking certain supplements and have battled with it for 10 years. I have asked him several times about going to a rhumatologist for the fibro but he did not see a need. His practioner was the one that made the appointment for me when I took her a copy of the ANA and a recommendation from the ortho for me to go to a rhumatologist. She helped me find one that my insurance would cover.

He has always acted this way - I am a woman, he hasn't even run a blood test on me in about 3 years. My husband goes to him and he will run every test he can whenever he has his yearly physical, even when my husband tells him that he is filling fine. I gotta find me a new gp!

His practioner assitant did one about 2 years ago because I told her that I was having leg cramps but they were not the charlie horse type (back of the leg) but the inner leg from my foot to my groin and would actually draw my foot in. Very severe. So she did a blood test to check for potassium and it came back okay and she just did not do anything else, matter of fact she did not even see me after the test - a nurse just called and said everything was okay.

When I told the gp, he told me I was on my legs for too long, so I should prop them up during the day and to exercise more by walking on treadmill. That's really works when you are self employed machine quilter and have a home to run with a 12 year old and husband.

I have told the ortho doctors and they have just shook their heads and I told the pt and she said she had never hear of such a thing as having inner leg cramps.
So finally I just stopped telling them and try to deal with it. I try to drink more water and prop my legs up when they start bother me.

I am hoping because this a woman and a specialist in this field, she will try to help me. She did listen to what has happened and the way I have been passed around for a year without any blood work even being done. And the fact when finally the ANA was done in Nov and I was told not to worry and come back in 3 months by a lab girl instead of a doctor (the same lab girl that lost my blood on the first ANA test and I had to have it taken over again).

Thanks so much for listening - I feel like I can't hang on to hope that I will ever feel better again. I am really bummed out!!!!