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Thanks dear for your great post. Actually, I have tried 10 mg of Norvasc and I had no side effects at all. Maybe I will go back to it again, like 5mg at AM and another 5mg at night. I can't take any other drugs because all of them makes me more sick that I'm on BB and CCB. my average reading is 110/70, I think that is good.

Zebeta controls my heart rate, I used Magnesium supplements for that but I don't have any right now. I used to get them from the US because we don't have it here. It seems that Egyptians are only concerted about Vitamins and Calcium supplements only. We don't have Magnesium or Potassium in a stand-alone product.

Yes, I think I'm still suffering from Effexor and Xanax withdrawal side effects. But I'm a little better than last week :).
Thanks for your help,