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It definitely sounds like something else is going on and personally it doesn't sound like pneumonia. Did they just do a urine culture/dipstick or did they actually do an ultrasound to rule out kidney stones? There are also many other tests for kidney function, can't remember them now though. You don't have to have a UTI to have problems with your kidneys. It definitely is nothing to fool with. He may not like doctors now but if he ends up on dialaysis and goes every week to have his blood cleaned HE DEFINITELY won't be happy then! Use a scare tactic like that with him if you have too;). I am not saying it is that bad. But this is his body and he deserves better and more thorough care! Plus you need peace of mine...stressing isn't good for you!

Having a fever is a sign his body is fighting off an infection as well as the high white cells. But if he nears 104 it can be VERY dangerous. That happened to me and the doctors told me it basically starts to "fry" your brain and kill brain cells. Have him go in a lukewarm bath NOT cold, like some may think, to bring down the fever. It will feel cold to him and it isn't pleasant but it helps. And push the fluids like you are. Also make sure he keeps his electrolytes good...have him have potassium like in bananas, sodium in something like chicken broth and give him things other then just water (like you are). They have G2 (by gatorade) it has less sugar than regular gatorade but it still helps manage electrolytes. A doctor told me it was better.

You are really a trooper...men tend to have a harder time with being sick then us women. After all we have babies ;). After that most things are a cake walk.

So did they give you meds? Did they tell you anything else to do? Any refferals?

I wish you guys the best. When you call the doctor tell them it is an EMERGENCY...doctors usually leave time open in a day for such issues.