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[QUOTE=123dietdrpepper;3496450]I am so sorry and I understand exactly where you are coming from. This does get OLD and your point about the handful of pills hit home with me. It is terrible isn't it?

I will be lifting you up in prayer.

I have so many pills to take and it is so hard to do it. I also have Narcolepsy. For that I have 5 pills. All amphetamines. I take at two different times. Then 7 are for nerve and muscle pain. Then 3 for the stomach. 6 or 8 Oxycodone depending on the pain. Also another pill for the spasms in the stomach when needed. Also take Potassium, B12 under the tongue, calcium and multivitamin. So that is 24 pills give or take. I can't remember to take most of them even though I have in a pill box. It's not easy. Thanks for listening. Hope you feel better too. I know you have not been feeling well either.