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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3547132]How many readings do you average per day? Do you take more measurements on some days, and fewer on other days? (I think inconsistency would have a bearing on the outcome) Do the times you take the blood pressure readings or the circumstances vary from day to day?

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Over the past 10 years, I've taken my blood pressure about 24,500 times, for an average of about seven times per day. But, when I am testing a change to my environment, lifestyle, diet or medication, I'll take my blood pressure much more often.

The bulk of my readings happen between 6am and 10pm.

[QUOTE]I read somewhere that blood pressure readings-one taken first thing in the morning and the other the last thing at night- are the truest reflections of one's brachial blood pressure.

Blood Pressure normally is high upon waking, then lowers during the morning hours, gradually increasing during the afternoon and is highest during the evening. At night, blood pressure then normally dips.

But, Blood Pressure, to me, is as important as a health gauge, as it is a measurement of pressure within the circulatory system. I've got about nine pounds of notes, over 24,500 blood pressure readings, with various, frequent charts and reports. The large amount of data enables me to discover environmental and lifestyle triggers that, not only effect blood pressure, but also cause other health issues.

To me, the blood pressure reading is somewhat similar to the temperature reading on my car. If I get a high temp reading for my car, I understand that my car has a high radiator temperature, but I don't know the actual cause of the high reading. It's the same with blood pressure. If the blood pressure is unhealthy at any time, day or night, despite medication, I want to know the cause, so I can fix it, if I can, which I've done many times over the past 10 years.

[QUOTE]Of course, one can take blood pressure readings at various times of day - I wonder if taking numerous readings results in greater accuracy. One would think so. :)

Like I just said, blood pressure readings have much more value to me then just the raw number.

[QUOTE]12.5mg of Coreg daily seems like a lot. With your blood pressure readings perfect at current levels, you shouldn't be needing MORE medication, for blood pressure at least.

I'm on 6.25mg per day. I hope to get to 12.5mg, if I can. I've cut my Ace Inhibitor in half, and will start cutting my Calcium Channel Blocker in half tomorrow, in the hope of getting rid of the CCB so I can increase the Coreg.

[QUOTE]I wonder what you mean when you say that because your blood pressure has been lower than ever, you can test a lower dosage of ACE inhibitor (I am following that, no problem)...so you can increase your SALAD portions???? :confused: That's the part I don't get.

Ace Inhibitors cause Potassium retention. I have had to limit my salad and tomato portions. Since I've lowered my Ace Inhibitor, I've been able to significantly increase my salad serving without any problems.

[QUOTE]That initial increase in blood pressure on Coreg on two different occassions is interesting. Do you think your sinus problems are a side effect of medication? I think mine are.

Without any doubt! Coreg at 9.375mg increased my sinus problems. For the two days that I was at 9.375mg Coreg, I had uncomfortable sinuses, while usually I don't have any problems. When I went back to 6.25, I had no sinus problems. Plus.... clinical trials showed a notable increase in sinusitis between 6.25mg and 12.5mg.

[QUOTE]I was offered some medication for that and refused. So I am stuck with sinus and LPR issues. Has your sinus medication helped and is it something I should consider?


I take the generic Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray, 50mcg, once for the left side, and three times for the right side. It works wonders for me and allows me to eat a few foods for which I am allergic, which I would not be able to eat if I did not use the spray. I had increased the dosage for the right side from twice to three times, in preparation for trying Coreg 9.375mg again.

Whether you should consider a medication like Fluticasone depends upon your level of sinus discomfort. Without Fluticasone I would be living daily with sinus misery, and I would have to severely limit my foods.

Thanks for your reply!

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