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Do you mean Monday the 10th or Monday the 24th?
Was that your blood pressure while in bed? (Mine can dip that low while in bed and it hasn't killed me yet. lol) Get it measured again, preferably mid day when you've been awake a while and are more active.

Talk to your doctor, your blood volume may be lower now whether you bled much or not. If your doctor feels like it would be a good idea to try increasing your blood volume you can do so by increasing the amounts of electrolytes (salt and potassium, such as in sports/rehydrating drinks) and drinking more water. Please do not do this without checking your blood pressure and talking to a doctor first.

My suggestion is to sit up and stand up slowly, especially when getting out of bed to avoid fainting. If you feel lightheaded or if your vision gets blurry/starts to fade, sit down immediately.