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[QUOTE=Kathy287;3510451]... One question that I have about the DASH diet is this, I have so much gas. Does this go away after a short time or does anyone have advice about this?...

According to my DASH book, a few people in the DASH study experienced gas and loose stools until they got used to the increased amounts of fruits and veggies in their diet. This was the only side effect. Hope that helps...

Oh, does your doctor know you are doing this? (People with kidney issues may have problems with the increased potassium). Are you monitoring daily? Pressures can really drop relatively fast so if you are DASHing and taking meds, it's possible to drop your pressures too low...monitoring is a must!

I think it's Grrrrrrreatttttt!!! that you're doing this. I knew about this food plan for 3 years, talked about it for a year and finally DID it. Best thing I could have done for my pressures (that and cpap)!

Good luck and good eating! Oh and there are some marvelously simple and delicious recipes out there...

[QUOTE]If I recall correctly, the DASH diet lowered pressures for everyone. It's just that it lowered pressures for some people alot! But even if it doesn't lower your pressures, it's good for your cardiovascular system, your digestive system, and your blood sugar

I have to agree with Beth. This diet is a very healthy one. It was designed to incorporate foods from all of the major food groups, (the entire food pyramid)- with emphasis on fruits and vegetables, meaning plenty of potassium and other major elements necessary for good cardiovascular and overall health.

It's great that it also lowers the blood pressure, besides making it possible for people to lose weight - a good blood pressure reducing method in itself. :)