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Back in my early 20's my BP was elevated to a "borderline" level and I was having constant migraines. My doctor's nurse practitioner suggested it might be the pill, and asked if I'd be willing to stop them and see if she was correct. I stopped taking them and within 1 month, my BP was back to normal levels and the migraines had all but stopped.

I'm now in my mid forties and in peri-menopause and I have them both back. This time, however my BP is very elevated and I am currently taking a beta blocker and a potassium sparing diauretic. It's coming down slowly and hopefully can be maintained with the meds. My GYN prescribes Imitrex for the migraines.

I know it was hormones that caused this when I was in my 20's and I'm convinced that is what is happening now. My primary doc isn't sure, but I plan to see my GYN soon and want to ask him what he thinks.

If you can use another form of BC, it might be worth it to give it a try. Best of luck and hang in there.
Yes! This happened to me after being on desogen for 3.5 years. My blood pressure kept going up and finally my new dr took me off it. She put me on Ortho Mircronor, which has no estrogen. Its the estrogen that makes blood pressure go up. I put myself on a low sodium diet and after 5 weeks its went down a lot, its at normal levels now.I even began adding 'regular' food back in and its still the same.My best advice would be to do low sodium, cut out processed foods, and use unrefined sea salt if you use salt at all. I would gradually add 'regular' food back in while still cosuming lots of fruits and veggies, monitor it to see if it affects it or not. Try to eat 1 or 2 bananas a day, the potassium in them will really help and drink an adequate amount of water. Also make sure you're dr monitors it too.I'm lucky my BF is gonna be an EMT so I can get it checked any time without getting white coat syndrome