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Yes- it is miserable! I got a few ideas from other forums this A.M.: eat bananas, avocadoes, and drink orange juice and black or green tea for potassium. Also someone said to 'up' calcium. One lady suggested l,200 mg. per day works for her.
Sure hope this helps. I know that when I get toe cramps they feel like labor pains! I, too wear sandals when I can, as the cramps come out of the blue. Happened to me once in Walmart, and I couldn't even walk for help!
Luv, I get the toe cramps myself but not as often as I use to and not as bad. I take lots of vitamins, I do 2000mgs. calcium, and others and try to eat a healthy diet. Potassium is suppose to be good for muscle cramps etc. but I don't take that as a specific vitamin. I do however take plenty of magnesium, it is actually Malic Acid as Magnesium (straight magnesium can cause diarrhea) and it is very good for your muscles and for fibro. I usually get the cramps when I sit or lie down to relax, then I jump straight up and put pressure on my foot and that usually does the trick.

Tiea, I use to think everyone got the sharp shooting pains and had the burning pain, but I quickly found out they didn't when I would mention it and get a look like.....what are you talking about. As the muscles started hurting more and the fatigue set in and people 10yrs. older than me could do so much more than me, I knew something was wrong.