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I have very high potassium levels. I was just wondering if the herbal diuretic teas help you lose potassium or is it just sodium? Or would I just be better off with normal tea? How quickly can you lose potassium? I would like to know ASAP because I go to see my doctor tomorrow to change my high blood pressure medication.

What is your current medication, and what was your previous one? Was that the reason for your high potassium levels?

Apparently, a serious hyperkalemia from ACE inhibitors in patients under 70 with normal renal function is uncommon. When you add another potassium-sparing drug to the ACE, such as Spironolactone, in a combined therapy, life-threatening hyperkalemia can result. These and other medications (triamterene, trimethoprim, NSAIDs) inhibit K excretion. Other drugs, such as beta adrenergic agonists, affect the potassium shift OUT of cells which can cause hyperkalemia. Beta blockers also affect potassium's shift INTO cells, which causes hypokalemia. Generally, a drug-induced hyperkalemia is readily reversible with therapy. In a non-emergency, Furosemide (a diuretic) or sorbitol (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) is used to treat hyperkalemia.

I am not sure whether drinking the tea will do anything at all for your potassium levels. What did your doctor say? Too bad our K levels are never quite right. They tend to be either too low or too high! :)

Hiya. believe that a tea made from celery seeds will flush out K along with the Na.

Plus, you'd want to avoid dietary potassium, from things like potatoes (which have more K than bananas) etc

I'd guess that the flushing should take place in a day or two, since that happens with pharmaceutical diuretics.
I am currently on apo-metoprolol. He wanted me to switch to a diuretic because my potassium was very high probably due to the medication plus my love of bananas and fruit. Right now he has me on a low potassium diet just to see if we can lower it without changing medications.