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With HCTZ, it is vital that you eat & drink to prevent from getting low on potassium. Your body does not store potassium. The diuretic will make you lose potassium so you must replace it with your diet. Do not buy potassium supplements & take them without talking with your Dr. Too much potassium can make your heart STOP.

Call your Dr. as soon as possible. My potassium got low last weekend because I got busy & didn't eat as much. I loaded up on orange juice & milk which usually does the trick for me. I drink maybe 3 (8oz) glasses of orange juice & 4 glasses of milk over the course of a day.

My symptoms of low potassium are a big decrease in b/p, nausea which I seldom get ordinarly. Other symptoms are lack of appetite, muscle weakness, irritability & tireness.

Go to the ER if you really don't feel good. Fam