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Maybe the Potassium in the bananas was the reason, But this wouldn't happen for many people. I hope that this is your way to reduce your blood pressure, fruit. :)
Good luck,
How interesting! I didn't know that. It makes sense because latex (rubber?) comes from a plant. :)

I wonder if chili's diet includes a lot of fruits and veggies (besides the bananas)??? A reduction in blood pressure of such magnitude (18/17mmHg) equals or exceeds a reduction achieved with one bp medication.

I am curious about the estimated TOTAL daily potassium intake. How much dietary potassium from all sources does it take each day to obtain and maintain such a substantial reduction in blood pressure?


Since I can'try the banana cure, I looked up the nutritional content of bananas & avacodas.

One whole banana has 109 calories, 467mg potassium,

while a florida avacodo has 306 calories for a 304 gm avacodo. It has 1096mg of potassium versus a California avocado which has 1483mg. Plus 30gm of fat most of it the good kind (only 4.5gm is satuated.)

After your b/p has been running well for a few weeks are you going to try doing nothing to see what happens?

What else do you eat-maybe we can do a rough estimate of your normal potassium intake. Fam
So it would be safe to say that you don't get much dietary potassium besides the amount in the bananas and your health drinks. The amounts - as broken down by Fam - are obviously enough to lower your blood pressure considerably. Perhaps you'd get similar results (without any notable effect on your weight) by adding a few fruits/veggies to your rather bland (sorry :)) diet?