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Can someone tell me is there potassium in coffee,tea or sodas?
i really need more potassium and i was wondering what drinks and food have this in them.Thank you
None of those drinks have potassium. The best way to get potassium is from eating foods like bananas, cucumbers, yogurt, etc. (think fruits and vegetables). Also, orange juice has potassium. If you're trying to increase your potassium intake I would also suggest lowering your sodium (salt) intake. Potassium and Sodium are important in maintaining your body's fluid and electrolyte balance. If you consume too much sodium it forces the potassium out of your body and your electrolytes are unbalanced.
Actually coffee has alot of potassium. Tea and soda do not.
Other foods high in potassium are:

-greens, spinach.
-yellow vegetables, including winter squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoe.
-dried fruit, including raisins.
-oranges and grapefruit, including juice.
-tropical fruit:mangoes, kiwi, papaya.

Meat, milk, milkshakes are also high potassium foods.
Hope this helps.