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Congratulations on all your motivation!!! You have a plan which is a good place to start. It helps give us direction. I've been battling the bulge for almost 55 yrs. Now I've hit a new point in the weight loss battle because I'm on a lot of meds which promote weight gain. Coming up with a game plan is tough but you know the saying. When things get tough, the tough get going & find a way.

What do you eat? My Dr. says that under 1200 calories our bodies
dcrease metabolism & so burn less calories. We lose muscle tissue & remember our heart is a muscle so we don't want to go that route. This week I've been eating more fruit because the peaches & blueberries are so delicious. I had been limiting my fruit because I'm on two b/p drugs which can result in a tendency to develop diabetes. I have to drink orange juice every day because it is high in potassium which I lose from the diuretic that I have to take for my b/p.

I combined the Dash diet for b/p with my food preferences plus the vegetarian weight watchers diet. I'm revising a lot of my favorite receipes so that they are lower in calories etc. Dr. Laura & Dr. Dean says to eat what you want but less of it. Of course, our red light foods as we called them in Wt. Watchers may have to be limited to eating outside the home or just for certain times. I can resist anything but temptation!!!

I call my food plan the Lifelong Diet. Deprivation is the sure fire way to binge I've found so I've tried to weave in my favorite tastes.
It's worth the battle to be in good health. As one gets older, it can make the difference between being mobile & sitting in a rocking chair which most of us don't want. Let me know how you are doing. Fam