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des decafe coffee have potassium in it? and what other drinks do?
A decaffeinated coffee product which will evoke a decreased gastric acid response upon ingestion is produced by removing potassium such that the coffee product contains less than half its normal content of potassium, and decaffeinated coffee beverages obtained from the coffee product have a potassium content of less than about 50 mg per cup.
(note that there are ongoing researches showing that decaf coffee may have harmful health effect)
Potassium is naturally found in dairy products, honey, fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
I've read that drinking a lot of cokediet coke, probably any kind of pop, washes out some of your potassium, so that you may have to take one of those grocery store supplements for, in my case especially, leg cramps about every six weeks or so.

I'm doing a search to try to find if potassium affects your labs, as someone said using inhaled steroids suppresses your TSH reading, and a doctor might reduce your T4 or whatever you take medication not thinking of steroids you may be taking for your asthsma/allergies.

I'm using old-fashioned Vicks more, no matter what the allergists say, who don't seem to believe in antibiotics but when I had some for a foot infection my breathing did get a lot better. A lot. I don't have to use my inhaler any more and not as much of the cortizone nasal spray, my goal none at all. I tried a search and confirmed that inhaled steroids do indeed affect adults' metabolism, and some childrens' growth. Be sure to include the word adult if anyone wants to find out more to share with us.