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Those of you looking to add hypertension fighting foods to your regimen might wish to consider coconut water, usually sold in health food stores, but sometimes grocery stores. Note WATER (or juice) NOT cream or nectar or anything with added sugar and junk.

I picked up a very small can of this and was stunned to find it has over 600 mg of potassium in it, as well as magnesium. Perfect stuff to add to DASH diet, and it doesn't taste half bad either.

Flowergirl-- we keep running into each other! I hope you're not sick and tired of seeing my warning posts-- but I feel compelled to post my experience as a Public Service Announcement. Anyway, I was curious about why it is you need to increase potassium. With my type of kidney disease, I have to have a very restricted potassium diet-- no grapefruit, potatoes, bananas, tomatoes-- actually, lots of fruits and vegies are not ok for me (thank heavens that cabbage is forbidden-- now I never again have to listen to my mother trying to get me to eat it!)