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Given your history it's understandable you'd be afraid of meds.

Although diuretics may be the first line of defence for hypertensives with a simple health history, someone with SLE, hypothyroidism, and asthma does not have a simple health history. And given the terrible breathing problems that diurectics can cause, it isn't surprising you're taking other bp meds instead.

My thoughts? Your other sle and asthma medications and other conditions are creating your problems with blood pressure...address those conditions differently (with different meds and/or different dosages) instead of meds for blood pressure...and do some reading about the DASH diet, the importance of CALCIUM, magnesium, and potassium for controlling blood pressure, and the Mediteranean (spelling?) which is similar to the DASH diet for asthma. Note: these are not weight loss diets...nor are they gimmicks...but researched by a respected scientific community.

In my opinion, your doctors are prescribing pills for blood pressure instead of treating your other conditions differently keeping your bp levels in mind.

oops..also, i eat potassium enriched foods. when taking the lasix, i take 40 mgs of potassium prescribed by my dr. i must look into the magnesium. how much should i take as a supplement? what do you think of CoQ10? should i take that also?
Several. The first two I need done ASAP are the abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds. Then the upper and lower GI scopes. My stomach is huge and I am anemic. I don't think it's connected to my peripheral edema. I am also in pain and can hardly walk. So, basically, a fishing expedition...It will be fun, especially the scopes! :eek:

I can't take any potassium supplements, because of a reduced kidney function. Yanni, you sound just like me!!!! Don't you wish we could just flush our meds down the toilet.......My hubby says all my problems are a result of taking all these meds. What a scary thought.