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What kind of muscle pain? Like soreness after a long or hard run? Or cramping? Or tightness? Those are all different things and would need a different cure. For soreness, try an ice bath after an especially long or hard run. I know it sounds torturous but you will be amazed at how it helps!

For cramping, make sure you are properly hydrated and getting some electrolytes. My dr just recently recomended Emergen "C", 2-4 packets a day. it has a high dose of vit.C but also has magnesium, potassium and sodium. You may also want to consider a calcium supplement that has magnesium in it, and you can get potassium from potatoes and bananas.

If its a deeper, tighter pain it could be an overuse injury or lack of stretching. Make sure you stretch thoroughly after running, holding each stretch for a minium of a minute. A deep tissue massage is great for breaking down that deep kind of cramping.

I do agree with training with whatever is used during the race. However with my touchy digestive system I've given up on that and carry my own with me- either hubby brings me more during the course, or I stick to water. The purpose of the long runs is to learn what works best for your body. There are lots of options out there for gels, electrolyte replacement drinks and tablets, Shot blox etc. Good luck with the training!