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Piano, do you get a med sheet along with your prescription or your pills I should say. Our medication comes with a print out of the fact sheet about each med. On that sheet it tells you what color the pills should be and what shape they are and if they have any identifying markings. The computer prints out the sheet from the drug name not from what the pharmacists puts in the bottle. Hope things work out for you with the tests and all. Medicines can be so scary sometimes.

Ann, I have had the pill count shortage myself. Our dependable pharmacy closed down and we tried the little local guy who has been here forever. First time I was shorted 15pills. I was suppose to have a count of 45 and I recieved 30. That is a legitimate mistake, but what an ordeal when I tried to bring it to their attention. Then every time after that I picked up a prescription the girl would say....I counted it twice....see, I signed the sheet where I counted it twice so I know it is correct. We didn't stay long at that pharmacy. We have found a wonderful place now with the greatest ladies running it. I got home one day and had a bottle with a count of 30 instead of 90. Again a legitimate mistake (they are so use to counting one months worth) all I did was call and they didn't give me any trouble and I got coupons worth six dollars off anything in the store. And it wasn't like I had to run right out and pick them up, I just did it my next time out.

Having a dependable pharmacy with great people is worth so much when you take a lot of meds like braveman (my hubby) does. He had to switch to a liquid potassium and the girls all tried it to see how bad it was and then when we got there they gave him a sample to see if he was willing to take it. Great bunch of ladies.