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This probably won't work but it is worth a shot.

U may need some potassium. Muscles twitch when they don't have enough. Eat a few bananas and see if it helps.
Thanks, both,

Blue, how are you doing? Still giggling and dancing?

Funny you should mention it: now that I think about it, yes, I hold my breath a lot when I'm working on something hard. I was using all the strength I have, to the point where my hands were shaking from gripping so hard.

Now my left leg is joining the spasm party.

I did eat a couple of oranges, which I believe also have lots of potassium.

I am so pleased at my fence! It is well built and nice and clean-looking, and my cats will never escape. Nor can a stray or any other animal (including humans, lol) get in and at them.