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For all of you that has taken HCTZ, what has been your experiences taking this medication? I am trying to pinpoint which one of these meds are making me feel so bad.
I take labetalol, norvasc and hctz.
Also I eat no added salt, have any of you had problems with the HCTZ causing low salt problems. I know it causes low potassium.
Thanks for the help,

HCTZ was the last b/p drug I tried & the best as far as side effects go. I read & read before going it. I had to get it made up without the dye however because I had a allergic reaction to it according to my Dr. The allergist however said it was a hypersentive reaction. It does have potential long term side effects like kidney damage. Then there is the gout issue. I drink 10 glasses of some kind of fluid during the day to prevent gout plus do the dietary stuff. Then I have about 1/2 tsp of salt a day to prevent low sodium especially with all the fluid intake. Taking care of me is a full time job :). I wrote a list of my favorite foods & the potassium content of each. I make sure I get the daily requirement.

On the other hand my rash of two yrs may be caused by HCTZ. Can't have everything as in lowered b/p & a free ride on the side effect issue. Oh, well. Fam