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Try to find out if there is a cause for it. Thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, anemia, low B12, out of range potassium levels, kidney problems, and other out of balance hormones can all affect your blood pressure. Low blood volume tends to be one of the causes, as well.

If you are experiencing symptoms from it, please see a doctor. Don't give up until you find one who actually listens to you. There are some medical conditions that very low blood pressure is the major debilitating symptom.

For salt to do much good it has to be drastically increased, for some 4-6 grams a day or more. It's best to see a doctor first before increasing salt this much. With an increase in sodium intake there can be an increase in potassium loss as well. Low potassium levels are dangerous - another reason to see a doctor before attempting any self "fix".

...I don't believe that guzzling fluids for a temporary boost does much good. It does nothing to fix any possible underlying problems.
I've also never seen it effect my low blood pressure, though my autonomic nervous system isn't normal so that could be why.

For very low blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension, and related conditions there are medications used to increase blood pressure.