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You know, I've been trying alot of different ways to try and deal with or fix my problem. The reason that my husband thinks I have performance anxiety is because he has that problem with other things in his life. I also feel that one day I'll have decent readings at dr's offices, but not now. Actually, 2 days after I was discharged from the hospital, I went in pretty confident, with a tiny bit of anxiety/nervousness, and had a reading of 133/89. It was beautiful. But after that, they've been pretty much sky high on average. My diastolic even went up more. I exercise 30 minutes almost 7 days a week (usually 6). I eat really really healthy. I bust the omega 3's/fish oil, bananas (potassium) all that stuff. And as confident as I am with most of my readings at home, I still get stuck at the dr office.

I believe that it's a subconscience thing... and that it's a conditioned response. I felt so relieved after I gave birth, the numbers were alot better. I explained to the dr what happened. But then, ONe time I unexpectedly had my bp taken, and freaked out. It just shot up and ever since it's been bad.

Anyways, I go through the same thoughts ever dr's visit. This time will be different. I even went early this time and just tried to relax. Oh well.