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I thought you were a member of the Weight Watchers. Eating a healthy diet is not easy. Figuring out which healthy foods to eat and which ones to stay away from can be a real challenge. I am supposed to follow conflicting diets - for instance: no red meat to maintain cholesterol levels, while eating LOTS of the same red meat to build up my non-existent iron stores, while watching total protein intake (which consuming the meat increases). You get the picture. Bananas have too much potassium and are sweet to boot. I used to make a smoothie with a banana and a handful of blueberries. I don't anymore. The doctor says that's too sweet. I know your diet is a healthy one with hardly any room for improvement. Don't worry about your weight. That is what I am told. Try to increase your exercise level by walking extra steps throughout the day. They add up. I walk for an hour a day, which is all I can handle right now. It is not enough.
My blood pressure was perfect before, during and after the surgery. I had not taken any medication that morning and felt quite dehydrated by lunchtime, which is when the surgery was performed. I had to use the bathroom frequently in spite of the long fast and no drink for 16 hours. That's why I felt so thirsty.
I am happy to hear your thyroid is OK and no surgery is required at this time. I hope for the same for your daughter.
Have you ever mentioned your blood pressure levels to your doctor, and what did she have to say about them? Did she also tell you they were fine? What is your average nightly systolic and diastolic? I still think mine are too low. I will ask my nephrologist when I see him next month. I read that blood pressure that's too low can damage the kidneys more - gives rise to a higher risk for kidney disease progression.