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Yes, I get them, plus cramps and spasms all over the place, though it's now controlled with muscle relaxers. I was getting them night and day. Now, when I had sciatica of L5/S1, it was very pronounced. I had charlie horses and even fasciculations all down the path of my sciatic nerve. I could even see the twitching all the way down my leg. So the sciatic definitely can be a reason for it. But of course, there can be many other reasons for the cramps.
If one has a potassium deficiency, then, yes, perhaps eating bananas might help. There are many different vitamin/mineral deficiencies that can cause cramping, but there are also other conditions that can cause it. So you'd have to go through a battery of tests to check if you have any deficiencies. Or you could just try eating the bananas to see if it helps. In my case, it did nt help and as per my Rheum, I did not have any other deficiencies. I do have lumbar spine problems, but I also get severe cramps and spasms in my upper body. So that is not related to my uppper spine. And of course I can't get more testing done right now, as I have basic insurance with a $500 yearly cap, which I already surpassed....so I can't afford any other tests. But Soma is definitely keeping most of my cramps and spasms under control. Sometimes I get spasms in my back anyway, but they are not as painful as usual. I'm also taking Lyrica, which is definitley helping with all my nerve pains. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are other minerals that can cause cramp problems...but the best thing is to talk to your doctor about it.