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Yeah, that hospital is horrible. It's the joke of Mid-Missouri, if you know anyone from there. There was GRASS on the floor of my room. It was disgusting. Considering how much pain I was in, I didn't care. The doctor and nurses even commented on it, and they didn't move me to another room or call someone to clean it. They just acted like it wasn't a huge deal.

I went to the doctor today and she said the same thing, but she didn't do any other tests. Just pushed on my chest and said "ok, this is what you have." Apparently, if this doesn't go away, they're going to put me on steroids.

I'm getting so frustrated! She said my body is short of breath because my brain is telling my lungs not to breathe. It doesn't hurt to breathe, only when I'm active or laying down, so why would my brain tell my lungs not to breathe? Why are my doctors not listening to anything I'm telling them?

As much as I hate blood tests, shouldn't they be at least testing me to see if my potassium levels and stuff are ok? I dont know what other vitamins affect your heart, but they haven't done anything but numb my throat and prod my chest.

Just because my chest hurts when you push on it doesn't mean THATS WHERE IT HURTS. If you push on your sternum...it hurts, I promise.