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The light-headedness could be from low blood pressure..or low potassium...If you are sweating a lot this could cause both of the above. Can you check your blood pressure at home? If you don't have high pressure you could try banana's and some salty foods and see if it helps. As for the stiff neck, pay attention if you are perhaps holding your shoulders tight which can also give a headache.This is the first place that any kind of stress hits me. I catch myself all the time with my shoulders crunched up and a stiff neck...Maybe some warm moist heat or something cold on your neck? Just some ideas but it can't hurt any to try. I really hope you start feeling much better soon.

Hello Nana,
thanks for the reply. My blood pressure was low throughout most of my chemotherapy, but I have just measure it now and it is 117/78. I know that type of low BP light-headedness, and this is not quite like that. It is more like the way you feel when you hyperventilate. It is not usually there when I first get up, but comes on during the morning, usually accompanied by a feeling of weakness. In the afternoon, it either tends to go off, or I develop a headache. The headaches usually start at the back of my head, but can work forward. It is not limited to one side of my head (so unlikely to be migraine), and they usually go off if I lie down. I have had an inordinate amount of blood tests over the last year, and none have ever shown low potassium. I also used to eat a lot of bananas around the time this all started, so I doubt that is the cause.

As I've said, these symptoms came on around May 2007, and were what led to me having a CT scan which showed relapsed HD. However, oncologist always thought the symptoms were not due to the lymphoma, and nobody has ever really come up with an explanation. Unfortunately, the symptoms are still there and still bothering me.

Best wishes