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Though her blood pressure is controlled. Her fatigue and weakness was past concern.

They did find her electrolytes (mainly sodium and potassium) were low and unfortunately I had to get a bit stern with her primary care physician as she never really saw us to help manage my mom's recent problems, we would only get to see a Nurse Practioner. The Cardiologist took some control, as I think he noticed the MD being a bit...lacking. And a different MD showed up to see my mom in the emergency room and things started to move. She's getting a kidney test, liver test (things the MD didn't check at all). And they are coming to some logical diagnosis of her weakness.

It's so wonderful when a dr of any specialty surely cares and recognizes the...I'll say shortfall of order medical care people.

She is resting and getting fluids and I noticed last night, even my mom's skin looked better (she was dehydrated). So I'll visit her today and am hopeful she was be more alert and vibrant.

:) I'll also be finding her a new primary care physician which I truly think will help her and us manage her care. I feel so much better and just hope my mom does too.

Just as a note, it's hard sometimes, cause we are taught to be polite and respect authority and aren't medical professions ourselves to sometimes accept things....but it's so important to question drs and so important to stand your ground, they are just people and make mistakes and like any profession there are good and bad...always question, always stand strong if something doesn't seem right or feel right. Just my two cents :)
I am so sorry your mom has so many problems.

From my own and my m-i-l experience, low potassium does cause weakness.

I suffer from low potassium symptoms at 3.8.

My m-i-l's potassium dropped down to 2 while in the hospital and her doctor did not believe in giving potassium. She was weak as weak could be and after being released from the hospital she took a dose of potassium at home and bounced back.

Too much potassium can cause serious problems with the electrical system of the heart. To little potassium causes many other problems.

Ask doctors what your mom's potassium level is. Anything below 3 is way too low. A 4.5 to 5 is considered normal range by many labs. Bananas are a good source of potassium and also low sodium V-8 Juice.