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You are correct about the portion issue, because grapes are actually extremely LOW on the glycemic load...the measure that actually is more important then the glycemic index. I note this because people are often confused by the two, and may avoid foods critical to fighting high BP because of the sugar fear. watermelon is an excellent example; it has many BP lowering properties (potassium, mild diuretic, anthyocins) but people often avoid it because it has a very high glycemic index. But the glycemic LOAD is actually very low...in short you would have to eat massive amounts of watermelon to do damage. Ditto for grapes and carrots, another food that is high in the GI but low on the GL.

If this is confusing there are many great sites that explain the difference and why the load vs. the index matters more. Again, not trying to be pedantic but rather make sure that foods that are good for our BP are actually "sugar-safe!"