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[QUOTE=famnd;3790688]Are you exercising? The thyroid needs iodine not salt to function. I beleive 1/2 tsp of salt will give you enough iodine.

If you are exercising a lot & drinking a lot of water you will need more salt than someone who isn't. If you are taking a diuretic you need to eat some salt especially if you don't eat processed foods. I find 1/2 tsp of salt keeps my blood sodium levels balanced.

The DASH diet has been proved to lower b/p.
Check it out. Drinking 6-8 glasses (8 ounces) of some kind of fluid through out the day will act as a mild diuretic. Avoid drinking too much fluid at once cause it will raise your b/p for two hrs. For example, drinking 16 ounces of fluid in a 15 minperiod will raise the systolic 20 points for two hrs. in most people. Fam

I second the recommendation to take a look at the DASH diet. The analyses I have read suggests it works through a powerful diuretic effect along with the right mineral balance...the diet is "designed" (I hate that word!) to take advantage of the natural balance of minerals in foods, e.g. the potassium to sodium ratio, which should be 3:1. I used the think the diet was rigid and daunting but once you wrap your mind around the key concepts--smaller meals, lots of fruits and vegetables, no or little processed junk--its a snap. It kind of "does the homework" for you re sodium, in that you won't have to worry about whether you are ingesting too much or too little.