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My cholesterol averaged 300 until my doctor prescribed 20mg of Lipitor for 3 months and my level dropped to 186. I had experienced no side effects and wished I could continue with Lipitor but my insurance would no longer cover it, so my doctor prescribed 20mg of Pravachol and in 3 months went up to 276. Now my doctor increased the dosage to 40mg of Pravachol and next week I'll be going in for another cholesterol check to see what my readings are. I will get back with you on this.
I just received my cholesterol reading from my doctor today and he told me my readings were 326 with LDL of 223. I had been taking 40mg of pravachol for 3-1/2 months. Now my doctor has increased the dosage to 80mg.
If after 3 months my cholesterol doesn't come down, I'm going to recommend he put me on another type of medication to lower my high cholesterol. Like you I have a family history of high cholesterol.