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Quote from rollo:
Thanks very much for your reply it has helped to put me a bit more at ease. What is your opinion of red yeast rice as a supplement?

Red Yeast Rice is one of those over the counter supplements that actually does work for most people in a significant way. The reason it does this is beacuse it is a statin, which is what Zocor, lipitor, pravachol, etc are. It will likely lower your total, it may also lower your HDL some. I think RYR has a place in the big picture of cholesterol reducing supplements. You could try it for a month and see if it works for you. RYR, like statins, works rather quickly to show benefits. Take it for a month and get retested. Even if you have to pay for the test, it is very modest cost.

Keep in mind that lowering total may be a good thing, but not at the expense of lowering HDL. No real way of knowing about this unless you try it for yourself.