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i had a cbc count and dont understand what it means doc really explains nothing my iron binding 403*my cholesterol 235*my trig 403*hdl 50 vldl 81* ldl ldln footnotes ldln can not be calculated{elevated triglyceride}.see direct ldl. ldl cholesterol,direct 145 h.i am taking pravachol 80 mg. i also have high blood pressure and i take avalide 150/12.5 mg i dont eat junk food and fast foods i eat alot of fresh friut and veg.i dont fry foods i have a little electric grill i use alot .

I wish I could explain iron-binding to you. I think iron-binding and serum ferritin is very important in artery health but I don't have a clue how to interpret it (and I'm a Chem Engr.). Maybe someday I'll force myself to learn about it.

Normally your numbers aren't too bad but with pravachol they are not good. They must have truly awful before you started statin therapy.

To get your triglycerides down, try to limit your fast acting carbs, like sugar, potatoes, bread, rice.

To get your LDL's down use olive oil and canola and limit saturated animal fats (especially dairy.) Eliminate anything hydrogenated (Crisco, margerine, Kool-whip and MANY other foods)- read labels.

Try some fish oils to increase your already good HDL's some more.