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Hi Debbie! :)

I haven't heard that Crestor can cause drug induced Lupus either. Well, I have read that SOME lipid lowering drugs (ex/ Mevacor, Pravachol, Lopid) can cause ANA to be false positive, but not Crestor. I will look into these other ones and make sure that they aren't a trade name for Crestor to be sure. If you had the symptoms before starting on it- then chances are that it is not to blame. Lots of these doctors like to find something to "blame".

I had a Rhematologist tell me that my swollen joints in my feet were because I needed orthopedic inserts for my shoes!!! I was so blown away. Also, I was told that my diabetes wasn't real, basically that I am faking it! Lord only knows how you can fake that.. geez!! Well I will do more research, but that is what I found for now! Take care :)

Luv, Dana