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I haven't been on any type diet really. I am starting on a "not real strict" low carb and have changed from table sugar to sweet and low sweetner for my iced tea, which I drink on and off all day. Also have changed from white bread to either sourdough or stone ground wheat,
and trying not to eat potatoes, white rice, pasta. I bought the "South Beach Diet" book and am reading it now. I'm 62 years old and believe I have read somewhere that cholesterol rises as one ages?

I am surprised that my total cholesterol came down and my trigs from the Dec. 2002 readings.

My previous lab report for Dec. 2002, listed my:
Total Chol. 219
Trigs 319
HDL 37
LDL 118
Chol/hdlc ratio 5.9

I do smoke and I realize that it lowers the HDL. But, I think I'm fighting a losing battle with the trigs and hdl because it runs in my family. My mother takes Mevacor and her sister has to take double strenght Pravachol. And even with the Pravachol and watching her diet her trigs were 159 her last blood test.

Thanks for giving me the ratio. It's not as bad as I thought it might be considering.

Any other advise you can give me?