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TWOG but that means we could be mistaken for a cloister of walled off wimmin~
other wise I love it, easy to pronounce as well. Better than TOTWG sounds like a hot drink or something. JB I am sooooo happy to see you have the use of green, and blue and red....were the moderators able to steer you in the right direction for Mac computers?

I am glad we all made it through Christmas, and not only that, but yesterday I was able to grab a full 7 hours (STRAIGHT) with which to write and print out the next installment of the stories I tell in CHurch once a month. DH had things to do , people to see, places to go, Dotter was working the early shift (6:45 a.m. to 4:00 pm. at a television station) Mom was content watching Braveheart, which I loaned her.... but 7 hours of fighting for desk space from our cat who helps me type, well it sure does It takes brain power, for me now to squeeze out a story for the kiddies (mainly adults I bet) and even MORE nerve to actuallly stand up front....

Since memory is out of the question or even an issue (because I have none) I read the stories with perfect elocution (hoity toity ain't I) , , but like a storyteller instead of just reading all monotone, I jazz it up with eyebrows a wiggling, or just inflections into variouis words and their meanings. ...blah blah blah etc etc. So this does affect my (nerves) and does cause physical manifestations, which I put down to THYROID (low tummy things) Now this may seem a silly question.

Do any of you on this board, haha suffer from reflux disease (RD) , or just plain chronic acid indigestion. Or is is related to high cholesterol. I have read here that we thyroid patients seem to need to take antiacid stuff. I personally take generic 'pepcid AC) (JB see how confused I could get with terms like AD TD AC OW (overweight) but on a lighter note, it could get to be quite fun trying to be the 'desipherer (I have terrible spelling, and am too lazy to reach over to grab my good old Oxford Dictionary (OD).

My excuse (and I am sticking to it) is I spelled things out phonetically for my mom to understand and be able to pronounce correctly, that it has warped my little secret 'spelling bee' who we all knows lives in our thyroid or a region around that area (for those of us who have had a TTR (total thyroid removal) there are all sorts of placed for that little guy to dwell. In total secrecy and silence .... of course!!

So I take the acid controller, stuff, every 8 hours and do wake up at night, with the beginnings of acid, at the end of the dose time.....which just happens....(weight is an issue, but also I think thyroid problems, DH is on pravachol and since that (6 years now) never takes a ant acid anything, but I do not want to have to go on those meds. Far too costly, and just I dont want to, but even eating correctly gives me chronic acid indigestion.

I do wonder, if my thyroid stuff gets sorted (higher dose) nodule gone, goiter vamoosed, trachea moved back to where it should be, if I would ever AF (acid free) hmmmm just a thought!