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......Now why would I take your post personally? I don't care. That's what.

Also, I didn't get my cholesterol checked after using Policosanol since I was ticked off by doctors and their push to get me onto statins. It's all a money game and after reading so much literature on cholesterol and its dangers, that even enforces my opinion that cholesterol is a big fat cash cow for docs and pharmaceutical companies!
A relative close to me had been taking statins for almost 7 years, that's right seven years and he still had a heart attack! Those
cholesterol lowering drugs didn't prevent him from having that attack. So much for statins!!

Now for me personally, I take beta-sitosterol everyday (300 mgs), along with garlic and a high fiber diet. I am at my ideal weight for my height. I walk alot. Let the chips fall where they may. To each his own, everyone has their way of dealing with things. Some cave in to their doc's warnings and take the statins, others like me look for alternative/natural solutions!

I had thought that this thread was 'dead' since I started it last January. On a last note, who is to say policosanol is useless or useful?? Who knows, there is so much conflicting info about everything out there. It just depends who you are listening to and their 'interests.'


There's no assurance that statins will prevent heart attacks. The question is>>>do they minimize the FREQUENCY and SEVERITY for the majority of people with elevated LDLs? The Pravachol studies seemed to indicate they do.
BTW, what were your #'s before and after (your supplements).