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Hi Angelic,
I am so confused! I'm sure some of this will be repeating my other post, but I think it bears repeating (as far as history.) After I began having seizures my Neurologist did a cerebral angiogram and discovered that I had suffered a stroke from a blood clot to the brain. Since I had already had a DVT, my PCP sent me to see a Hematologist. The hematologist diagnosed the APS. She also said that my lupus anticoagulation test (?) was positive, so she recommended that my PCP send me to the Rheumatologist. She put me on Pravachol (cholestrol lowering med), saying that it lowered the chances of blood clot formation, even though my cholestrol was fine. I had a reaction to it and had to stop taking it. In the meantime, my thyroid tests came back, and I have hypothyroidism.

I went to see the Rheumatologist, and the office intern took all of my information, including my symptoms and prior test results. He told me he was certain that I had Lupus. Then the Rheumy came in and she told me I met some of the criteria for a Lupus diagnosis, but she needed to do a few more tests, and that one of the tests would take three weeks to come back. She said that another one of the tests would definitely confirm or rule out a Lupus diagnosis. Three and a half weeks later I called them to ask about the results. The Rheumy called me back and said that the ANA test was moderately elevated, and my igM and c-reactive protein tests were elevated as well. She said I had probable lupus, but was ordering a few more blood tests to be sure. I asked about Coumadin and she said that she thought my DVT and stroke were a result of my being a smoker, and on hormone replacement at the time (I have since quit!!! and I was only on a very small dose of estrogen when I had the stroke, but wasn't on it for the DVT.) I reminded her about the APS and she said that my 81mg aspirin should do the trick.

About fifteen minutes later the intern called and told me the Lupus tests were positive, and said that I should probably be on medication. Do you think the two of them communicate!?!? He said that the additional tests (that the Rheumy ordered) wouldn't confirm Lupus, since they would only be positive if I was in a flare.

I am not crazy about the Rheumy. She seems to have difficulty listening to me. It's not as if I'm trying to get her to say I have Lupus if I don't.....but I DO want an explanation for the symptoms I have suffered from for a long time! I also want to be protected from another stroke/DVT.

I totally trust my PCP, but he had a back injury which required emergency surgery and won't be back for a few weeks. UGGGGHHHH! Prior to the trip to the Rheumy etc, he said that he thought I had Lupus, and said that the hypothyroidism was probably a result of it. The Rheumy said that the thyroid thing is an auto-immune problem which may have caused the elevated ANA. Wouldn't it be because of the LUPUS!?!

I am really confused, and appreciate your help with trying to understand all of this. Thank you SO much for your help. Kathy