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Just got my lab results today. I took the home test on the CardioChek (updated Bioscanner 2000) about 2 hrs prior for comparisons. The CardioChek results were: TC/247...HDL/77...TG/211. The lab results were:
TC/224...HDL/61...TG/98. With the exception of TG, the CardioChek looks pretty accurate. I don't know what was up with the TG though :confused: . Last time I did the TG (couple weeks ago on CardioChek) it was also 98.

Anyway, to rehash my tale, I was on Pravachol 20 mg for almost 2 months. After the first 3 weeks I tested at TC 185, then added Policosanol and checked it 3 weeks later with CardioChek and got 270 :confused: . I then got OFF the Policosanol and still got these results shown above. I just switched to Crestor and will post results in a month.