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I couldn't IMAGINE what else I could do to get my LDL below 90...I think I have done EVERYTHING and LDL 90 and HDL 58 is about my limit!!!!
The thought of LDL 70 is beyond the pale.

There will be 3 HIGH RISK people in America who won't need "additional treatment"

I guess I can consider adding niacin, pravachol, zetia, Crestor and Baycol to my current Lipitor...and eating salmon 3 times a day and making chocolate shakes out of cod liver oil and cocoa. :rolleyes:

I guess getting my weight down to 120# (at 6'2") would help. ;) Gee that's going to be hard with those cod liver oil shakes!

LDL 70, indeed....might as well be 10.