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:) I do have an addition to the dietary list for cholestral lowering. In Jan. my Dr. told me to get off Pravachol and try taking Red Yeast Rice twice a day. I bought it at the GNC health food store and tried it. (Statins gave me unwanted side effects of aching muscles).
My blood work done recently in May showed a lower total cholestral than when I was taking the Pravachol. While taking Pravachol, my total was 207 and I remember the HDL at 57. Now the total is 192 with the HDL at 60, LDL at 104, triclycerides normal. So I am to continue taking this and will have blood rechecked in a year!!!!!!
This is VERY good news because of the lack of side effects AND the great reduction in price. Red Yeast Rice only costs about 20.00 per month. One precaution--this can't be taken while taking any other statin drugs or cholestral lowering supplements.
Maybe someone else has also had good results with this, I don't know. I do exercise 4 days a week with a 2 mile walk and watch my diet both for diabetes and cholestral. Good luck,