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I began taking Red Yeast Rice (2 capsules per day-one in morning, one in evening) on my Drs. recommendation. For the past several years, I have been on a variety of the statin drugs ALL of which eventually gave me muscle aches and pains. The last one taken was Pravachol which had the least side effects of any of the others (Zocor, Lipitor, Baycol) but still had the same side effects. After 5 months of taking RYR, my test numbers were LOWER all around than when I was taking statins for those years. Total on Statins at last test were 210 TC, 105 LDL, 56HDL, and don't remember Trig. With the RYR, the numbers are now TC192, 102 LDL, 60 HDL, and trig. under 100. So all is well and no side effects (so far). The dr. told me that the side effects would be less or none compared to the statins. The ingredients in RYR are actually the same thing used in Mevacor but somehow formulated differently so it is without the side effects of the statin drug. I will wait to see what the future brings for blood stats. Thanks for reading.