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History: MI, 14 years ago, CAD, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Age 61
Rx: Tenormin, Synthroid, Pravachol, Niaspan, and Asprin

In June I met with my new cardiologist. He did an EKG which looked good and said my heart sounded fine. He scheduled a stress test for July 12, he said everything looked OK so there was no rush.
As soon as the heat came on this year I felt fatigued with exertion. I wake up and feel great, but within four hours I am fatigued usually relieved with a nap. I also have some brain fog which comes and goes. I have no pain, chest pain or shortness of breath. BP and heart rate stay about normal for me, 140/80 @ 72bpm. Last year I had the same thing with the onset of summer heat. My symptoms were so severe I had a cardiac catherization which turned out OK, no need for intervention. At that time my symptoms were attributed to my hypothyroidism. Once the fall came with the cooler weather I began to feel better.
IMO, this is my hypothyroidism, but I wanted to hear some objective opinions.
I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.