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Quote from Keraly:
Thanks for the reply. My son has been feeling ill since November with his major symptoms being fatigue and muscle weakness. Thus, the tests. Unfortunately, we can't get a diagnosis, so was actually hoping something would turn up on the tests. ~ Tracy

Tracy....finally it's official. Just from seeing the Free T4, I'd say Hypothyroid. Please find a doctor that will treat only with the Free T's, like we explained before. No wonder he feels so bad! My Free T4 was 0.7 (.58-1.64) and I felt horrible! At 1.13, he's feeling horrific! His TSH is already above what most males feel well at....it should be closer to "1", not close to "2". My husband is reactive at "1.67". He's miserable, can't sleep, aches all the time, high cholesterol (for which his crazy doctor put him on Pravachol...it works, but why not fix the cause instead?), but his doctor refuses to treat him because he's within "normal" limits. My husband is finally agreeing that he needs treatment!
Please, please.....find an osteopathic or naturalistic doctor, but be sure to ask if he uses the Free T's and/or prescribes Armour if needed......for his hypothyroid patients, before making the appointment. Don't waste your money on pointless visits.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you for success in treatment for your son!