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No naysayer here!

I've been taking 10mg Crestor over 6 months now, and I like it a lot better than either Lipitor or Pravachol. I have no side effects with Crestor. I only wish they were still sending me those $15 checks with each refill. (I guess they know they've secured my loyalty now!)

The one thing that concerned me a tad after my first Lipids+Liver panel with Crestor was that my HDL fell from its usual 55-65 range down to 50. But I just had my second test, and my HDL is at 67 -- my highest ever -- while LDL is great. And this all comes as -- I hate to admit it -- I've been eating somewhat worse lately; perhaps that's why my trigs are up from 147 to 160 (but that's still a lot better than when I was on 40mg Pravachol with somewhat better diet and weight-watching).