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No, my understanding is that once you are on statins which is what all these cholesteral drugs are you are on them for life. I have been told that for some reason a person can take one and not another and for another person the reverse but that Lipitor is one of the hardest to take. I think it is trial and error. Pravachol was the first, I think. I have Zocor to try but am waiting for another test before I try anything new. Nothing to do with cholesterol. Another thing your Dr. should consider is low thyroid because that definetly is a contributing factor to high cholesteral. So if that has not been check perhaps you should have a TSH, T3 and T4. Get them all cause sometimes one might be off base because of error. When I got the TSh I was off the charts. 2 months later I had them all and it proved the first test was entirely wrong. So I recommend as a check and balance to have them all. It is just a blood test. Good luck. I know it is a worry but it is so common to have problems with these muscle pains that I think I would be willing to go off for 2 weeks and see if they stopped. It is probably aggravating your fibromyalgia. :wave: