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I just read a book by Howard H. Wayne, M.D., F.A.C.C., I found the book very interesting especially one chapter entitled, The Cholesterol Deception. It is not my intention to argue the right or wrong of this book, but it has me thinking about my treatment.
Fifteen years ago I had a silent heart attack. During a routine physical it was discovered on the EKG. I had a cardiac catherization shortly afterwards and a blockage was found. I had good colaterals and so they decided to treat me medically. This was the first time I had a lipid profile done. The doctors were sure I had high cholesterol, but when the results came back my total cholesterol was 110. They then attributed the blockage to my cigarette habit. As soon as I returned home and met with my primary care MD he prescibed a beta blocker and Lipitor. I never notice anything wrong until they doubled my Lipitor dosage and then I began to have severe leg pain. I was switched to Pravachol and had only minor aches so I contended with it. Recently I tried Crestor which resulted in the worse leg pain I have ever had, so back to Pravachol. Only this time the leg pain is worse to the point I cannot exercise. I am now questioning if I ever really needed a statin drug since my total cholesterol has never been over 180. (My numbers increased when I began to take statins and go on a low fat diet). A few years ago I tried not taking my statin drug and went on a high protein diet. Within a month my lipid numbers were better than when on Pravachol. I questioned my MD about it and he said because I am depended on my colaterals I should continue to take a statin drug. So without a thought I went back on the statin drug out of fear rather than logic.
BTW, I quit smoking many years ago.
I did not name this book to abide by the rules of the board.
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