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Quote from Bosmom:
This has peaked my curiosity. My son is on Concerta for ADD/inattentive and has learning disabilities. His dad is a recovering alcoholic. His dad's mom is diabetic, has congestive heart failure and weighs in at about 375 lbs (she's 5' 6"). My dad also has congestive heart failure, alzheimer's and is a currently not drinking alcoholic. Dad's brother has hypothyroidism and, of course, so do I.
So it seems it may be all relative so to speak. Please let me know what you find out and I'll do the same. Thanks.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Barb.......absolutely. That's what I came up with and despite doctor idiot warning me (not my personal doc) not everything is true on the web, then why do so many articles agree on so many things. I try to verify everything I read, so this is my take on the subject:
My husbands family is rampant with depression, psycosis/schzophrenia (excuse the spulling), alcoholism, anxiety/panic attacks, heart disease/high cholesterol/heart attacks, hyperactivity/attention deficit, and smoking/drug addiction (same thing in my book)....all this in one generation. I can't imagine how they even function, but they do as well as can be expected. As far as I'm concerned.......all hypothyroid......including my husband who will go in treatment when my doc comes back from vacation at the end of this month. He is a recovering alcoholic, clean for 9 years now, has anxiety attacks if I'm out of touch with him for any length of time (umbilical cord not long enough?), is on Pravachol for cholesterol and is an ex-smoker. His son has schzo/panic attacks/smoker and his daughter is a drug addict/smoker/hyperactive...as are her two daughters.......need I say more?
Thank goodness we never had children, although I have two from previous marriage. My children have enough problems (though not as bad as my husband's, I think) with my family's thyroid problems. We also have some of the ones listed, but not near as bad. It's scary! My children are going on treatment when we move back to DE as soon as we sell our place in western North Carolina.....no takers yet, makes more anxiety for me......drat!
Good luck....Judy[/FONT]