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Three years ago I was on Lipitor but started having leg pain and stopped it for a few months. I had a routine scheduled blood during that period and I happened to be on a high protein diet. The results of the blood test were actually better without the use of Lipitor. Total cholesterol did increase from about 170 to 190, BUT my HDL went up and LDL went down and triglycerides went way down. My ratio was much better. I brought this to the attention of my MD who said it was impressive but he felt better if I would remain on the statin. While on Lipitor my HDL remained at 25 off the med it went up to 46.
I just read “How to Protect our Heart from Your Doctor”, by H. H. Wayne, MD, FACC. One chapter in the the called “The Cholesterol Deception” describes how the public has been fed misinformation about cholesterol data. I am not going to discuss the book, I just want to note that there is a least one MD who does not think every one should be on a statin. I am sure statins do help some people, but finding the real reasons for CAD should be a priority.
I have tried Lipitor, Crestor, and Pravachol and had severe side effects from all of them. I am not on any statins at this time and there are many people with the same dilemma. If statins are so critical why hasn’t something been done to address the side effect problem.
I believe the Clinton situation has done some good in the sense that many people will get a cardiac checkup. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies have jumped on the band wagon to sell their statin meds.
BTW, one TV show described Clinton’s life long diet. I am amazed he made it this far. They said he would have a turkey covered with bacon for flavoring, once cooked he would eat all the bacon. Cheese soup and Mickey D’s, etc., and it goes back to when he was a child. Also a family history of CAD.