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What you're saying simply isn't applicable to people like me with FH.

In cases of FH even the MAXIMUM dose of statins is usually not enough on its own, and a second non-statin agent is needed to get levels in the normal range.

That is all the more true, now that we know that healthier levels are even lower with respect to LDL/HDL ratios than previously thought.

BTW, I had been taking Zetia for nearly a year, along with 80mg of Pravachol. The addition of zetia provided only a mild additional affect. People are different. FH is very resistant to diet change and although responsive to statins, the response is less because we have fewer cholesterol receptors than normal people.

Believe me, I'd rather NOT be taking drugs.

Pravachol FLAT OUT doesn't cut it and adding Zetia is a waste. If I was in your shoes I would try 10 mg CRESTOR and Zetia...TRY IT. You WILL be amazed. I can assure you that the results will FAR exceed 40 mg Lipitor.